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Akshin Alizadeh – Pebbles On Road


AkshinAkshin Alizadeh is an electronic music producer from Azerbaijan and this dude was born with music moving in his blood. Playing the violin and piano since age 6, Akshin combines funky grooves with funk and jazz influences. Akshin’s musical ability shines through on all his tracks and you just can’t help but move when you hear his music. His latest track “Pebbles On Road” is more of that fresh fresh, new new. Keep gettin it Akshin!

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Hardwell Recap


Last Thursday, Hardwell and his friends Dyro and Dannic showed up in Minneapolis and blew the roof off of Epic Night CLub! The boys from Rowdy Beats arrived pretty early in the night to set for an interview with Dyro and we were able to catch up with him before his set. After hearing what Dyro had to say about music, touring and his crazy adventures, it was into the crowd to catch Dannic’s set. Dannic was perhaps our favorite set of the night and his love of funk really shined through, bringing some groove to the house!

Hardwell was obviously on another level and it was not difficult to understand why he is the number 1 DJ in the world at the moment. We just about lost our minds when he dropped Dare You and Spaceman!


We also had the chance to talk with Dannic after his set and we have nothing but good things to say about him as well. It was evident from the very beginning of the night that these three cats share a special friendship and that they’re really having a lot of fun out here on the road. Dyro closed out the wild night and it’s safe to say we left with our ears ringing. Having the opportunity to hear Leprechauns and Unicorns performed on a real system was a dream come true. Y’all better come back to Minneapolis soon. Thank you SIM shows and we will see you all at the next show!

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SummerSet Lineup Released

The line up for Summer Set Music Festival 2014 has been released and it is a thing of beauty. Headlined by two of our favorite performers in the country, Bassnectar and Big Gigantic, the line up also includes a vast array of electronic, hip hop and local artists including the likes of Cherub, Chance The Rapper, Wu Tang Clan, the Disco Biscuits and SchoolBoy Q. Safe to say that the line up is on point and it feels like August couldn’t be any farther away. Summer Set is entering into its third year as a festival and though there have been some ups and downs, we are confident that React will put together a great weekend. Surely one we will not forget!!


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Hardwell | EPIC | Minneapolis

This Thursday one of the most widely known and loved electronic artists in the world will be performing at Epic Night Club in Minneapolis. Over the last year, Hardwell has seen a meteoric rise in the electronic music community and has played shows all over the world at some of the largest venues and festivals. Hardwell is known for his incredible energy and there is no doubt that he will be partying hard the entire time he is on stage. Minneapolis has sold out the event and there are clearly thousands of people who are ready for this night to go down. As always, the boys from Rowdy Beats will be out before the show to interview Dannic and Dyro and then out in the crowd, capturing the magic! Lets rage!!!

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Boys Noize – Push Em Up (Salva Remix)


Check out Salva’s latest remix of Boys Noize’s banger “Push Em Up”.  The song comes in slow with some interesting synth action, cool vocals and a sub bass that will get you moving. The classic build only had us anticipating the best from Salva and when that beat dropped you better believe that we were bumping. To see this one live would be a treat. Rage on!

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Shpongle | Minneapolis | Skyway Theater

Tonight Shpongle will be putting on a show at Skyway Theater in Minneapolis and it is going to be an experience. The English psychedelic music project is the brain child of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Shpongle is some of the most original music that we have ever encountered and their ability to flawlessly meld sounds from different genres and musical cultures from around the world is mind bending. Their music has the ability to send you on a deep, introspective journey and will inspire creativity. We cannot wait for this show, prepares yourselves for Shpongle.

Grab your tickets here.

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Aliens unite! After advertising the IOS/Android game “Alien Ride” (seemingly, a mock up of the classic Atari game Asteroids), the dubstep Grammy winning producer, Skrillex had a mystery “Secret” no-access folder installed in the game. Well the wait is OVER and the secret is out! The folder features Skrillex’s new album “Recess” – a full stream available for only a limited time (in the game, but we gotchu covered!), pre-order the album on iTunes. On our first listen, the album seems to feature Skrill’s traditional gnarly drops and wubs, but with added samples of distorted vocals and mixing of some dope drum patterns. We hear various upbeat unique elements of trap, electro, reggae, hip hop, rap, of course dub, all of which warrant the album to be played AT MAX VOLUME! With collaborations with Diplo, Chance The Rapper, Alvin Risk, Ragga Twins, Fatman Scoop, and Kill The Noise, it’s safe to say that after Bangarang (Skrillex’s last album in 2011), this was well worth the wait!


01. All Is Fair in Love and Brostep (feat. Ragga Twins)

02. Recess (feat. Kill The Noise & Fatman Scoop)

03. Stranger (feat. KillaGraham & Sam Dew)

04. Try It Out (Neon Mix) [feat. Alvin Risk]

05. Coast Is Clear (feat. Chance The Rapper)

06. Dirty Vibe (feat. Diplo, G-Dragon and CL)

07. Ragga Bomb (feat. Ragga Twins)

08. Doompy Poomp (feat. Mishka)

09. Fuck That

10. Ease My Mind (feat. Niki & The Dove)

11. Fire Away

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