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Top 10 Gnarliest DJ/Producer Masks

10. 2 Faced Funks

Up and coming Dutch Duo say:  “We had been DJing as a duo for quite a while, when we decided to throw a special birthday party for one of us.  We bought some cheap, pink masks and advertised with the fact that we managed to book 2 world-famous DJ’s.  That night sold out completely, with 1500 people dancing to our set.  That was the moment we decided to take the 2 Faced Funks project to the next level.  And it works!  We’ve had several masks in the meantime, but really wanted to cut loose from the alien-image some people had of us.  So we emailed Rogier Samuels (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) and he worked on a more friendly-looking, gentlemen type of mask.”

9. Slow Magic

A fox, a zebra, a cat, Slow Magic’s songs bring out moments of bliss that drive an ethereal imagination. He says: “before I even had the mask I wanted it to be music by your imaginary friend and I was posting my music online just as anonymous. People wanted me to make shows and I wanted to make a mask that, kind of, could be the thing people look at. So, I had a friend of mine design a mask of an imaginary animal. It’s a mix of a lot of things. A zebra, fox, cat, anything you sort of wanted it to be. Sort of how I think I am and the music is; I want it to be owned by the person who listens to it.”

8. The Bloody Beetroots

Some say a venom mask while others a luchador, Sir Bob Cornelius, a Italian producer wears this as “a declaration of ominous anonymity that defers the spotlight to his long list of productions, projects, films, art, manifestos and musical incarnations emanating from his Bloody Beetroots production epicenter.”

7.  DJs From Mars

Italian Duo take a household item and turn it into a DIY project on steroids. With the glowing eyes, the devious smiles, they say:  “It was from one of our first videos called “Who Gives a F**k about Deejays”…. a boxhead man was the main character of the video concept…when we started doing our first gigs we tried this weird idea, and it worked immediately!  Everyone wanted to take pictures with us, everyone wanted to stay in the front of the two boxhead weirdos, it was very different from usual DJ sets when everyone dances like no one’s spinning….so we kept it going on.”

6. Black Tiger Sex Machine

Canadian trio in the Tiger masks throw a wild party with their part dj and part live set. “We were looking around and we wanted to keep this dark minimal…more like German or European way of doing things mixed with the big live shows that are created in North America, so we were trying to find the right mix between both worlds. I was thinking helmets”

5. Myndset

A cross between Iron Man and Darth Vader, fully equipped with LEDs and a ventilation fan, Myndset hails from LA and throws down heavy beats. The dude keeps it real by letting us know: “The significance of the mask was simply to separate myself from a previous DJ persona I went by and start a new side project. I also wanted something that would capture peoples attention.”

4. Squarepusher

Futuristic without a doubt, Squarepusher’s new age mask jives with the stage backdrop during a glitchy, techy and visually mesmerizing performance. Down to earth, he says: “I’m trying to make myself a way of displaying images, rather than be an image myself…The mask allows me a different visual space; the images can be delivered in a two-part form. There’s the element that’s show on the mask, and the element that’s shown on the screen behind me. That offers quite a bit of potential. You can have a kind of polyrhythmic visual approach, by bouncing the images between screens. There is definitely rhythmic potential for counterpoint between sound and image.”

3. Cazzette

The Swedish Duo has captured a wide audience with this retro yet futuristic design in the age of mp3s and digital media. A portion of the mask lights up to display texts to the audience! “That was Ash – he came up with it.  It was really inspired by Daft Punk, of course.  The cassette is pretty cool as a theme.  It’s not like our production is very big right now, but we hope to build it up in time.  That’s what’s cool about Cazzette as a name – you can take it and build things around it.  The heads are just the beginning.  We don’t wear them the whole time – just for 30 minutes out of an hour-long show. They get heavy, and they make it hard to breathe.  You can get pretty dizzy after a while. Seeing can be a problem, too: I can’t wear my glasses under the mask, so I’m blinded a little bit.  But you know, it’s part of the show.”

2. Daft Punk

Perhaps considered the pioneers of revolutionizing electronic music and becoming a symbol through their songs and LED helmets, Daft Punk are iconic and evergreen. With helmets possibly ranging around $65K-$70K, they say: “We’re interested in the line between fiction and reality, creating these fictional personas that exist in real life…We’re not performers, we’re not models – it would not be enjoyable for humanity to see our features…but the robots are exciting to people.”

1. Deadmau5

A brand, a logo, a symbol, the Mau5head might be THE most recognizable and marketable product in EDM. In 2011, Deadmau5 actually held a fan contest to come up with the new Mau5head design, and the infamous cheesehead mau5 was born.  Although his name comes from an actual dead mouse that he found in his computer, the helmet was his original idea that he designed used 3D modeling software. The versatility of this helmet, and the sheer popularity puts Joel at our number one spot.




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The Glitch Mob–Love, Death, Immortality Tour



One of our most listened to artists are coming to Minneapolis this Thursday on their Love, Death, Immortality Tour. And there are plenty of signs pointing to this concert being the best on in Minneapolis all year. Here’s why:

They have a sick new stage setup:

Check out their new stage “organism”, the Blade, it’s not just cool lights and weird design. It’s actually functional. The Glitch Mob is known to create their own crazy instruments to perform live as much as possible, and the Blade will not disappointment.

Their music Rocks!

We’ve been huge fans of The Glitch Mob ever since they  burst onto the scene with their debut album, “Drink the Sea.” Their EP did not disappoint, and “Love, Death, Immortality” was one of the most anticipated electronic music albums this year.

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Let’s Make A Spaceship!

Skrillex’s tale:


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“Jaguar”– What So Not (Thursday Trap!)


Weekend’s almost here, to get you there, here’s some Thursday Trap

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Mau5 Fight

Repost from


So a few days back Disney decided to file a lawsuit against Deadmau5 claiming that his mau5head mouse logo was too simliar to their Mickey Mouse logo and infringed on their rights. You can see the two images compared side to side above.

While there is obviously some similarities with the 3 circles, smile and minimalstic design, it seemed pretty insane. Also with the fact that he has registered for a trademark in 30 other countries already. Well since America is America, when he tried to apply to get it in the US, he in return is facing a potential lawsuit with Disney.

Well just an hour ago Deadmau5 unleashed onto Facebook that Disney has actually done the unthinkable, in the middle of this heated debate between the two, Disney has decided to use his popular song “Ghosts N Stuff” without permission in a new online Disney “Re-micks” video edited to some Mickey cartoons. 

Here’s the video:

Deadmau5 seems to be very confident about the situation. Here’s the Cease and Desist letter as well as his twitter rant.



pg2 Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.22.42 AM Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.24.20 AM



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Skrillex Red Rocks 2014 Mothership Set!

No words necessary for this…just, RAGE! Don’t forget to check out Skrillex’s latest album HERE!



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Gramatik Lays Down The Beat! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Soda start, symphonic melodies and lyrical flow of ProbCause present ProbMatik. Emphatically entitled “ProbMatik Monster Stomp”, we thoroughly enjoyed this one in its entirety. From start to finish Gramatik’s beat gets captures you whiel ProbCause’s flow keeps you bobbin’. We’d love to see more collabs from these two! Requesting Gramatik to release a full hip-hop album with collabs with various rappers like Childish Gambino, Deltron 3030, Del the funky homosapien, etc.  - anyone else agree?


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