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Infected Mushroom–Minneapolis 11/9/17

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One of favorite groups to see live, and to hang out with is back in Minneapolis this weekend. We first saw (and interviewed) Infected Mushroom back in 2013, and have been blessed to see them every year since. Although they weren’t the pioneers have psytrance, ‘the duo broke into the scene with the release of their first album in 1999, and unconsciously changed trance music forever.  Responsible for the evolution of psychedelic trance, they have gone on to experience the highest level of success in the psy trance scene, crossing over towards the electronic dance community, selling out venues and headlining festivals worldwide’. They’ve definitely put their own mark on the genre, and have help sustain its popularity outside of Goa. If you have seen their DJ sets, but not their live band, it’s definitely worth checking em out! Head to our Facebook page for a chance to win free tickets to the show!

Watch our interview with Duvdev and Erez:

And our favorite IM song:

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Zombie Pub Crawl – Minneapolis 10/14

We’ve been lucky enough to cover Zombie Pub Crawl in the past, specifically with Girl Talk bringing his mashups to the dancing zombie horde, and Seven Lions bringing the feels to Skyway Theatre. That was a year to remember. The year before that, Steve Aoki had headlined. So you couldn’t be blamed for thinking, “Wait….WHO is headlining ZPC this year?!” The eclectic lineup isn’t a complete surprise when you hear what talent buyer, and festival producer, Zack Chazin has to say about it:

This festival is so much fun to book. It’s so much different than anything else out there. The goal with ZPC isn’t to be a cool trendy festival.

The goal is to make people say WTF.

W. T. F? They definitely achieved their goal. No matter that the lineup doesn’t have much EDM (I see you Beak Nasty), a bar crawl with 20,000+ zombies? Count us in.  Get ready for the dead to rise this weekend, get hyped with our homies at BOME’s recap video from 2014:

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Last year, undoubtedly one of the strangest marketing campaigns for a music event in the midwest, had to have been “#WTFisSnowta?” And although it worked well last year, let’s hope they don’t do that again. This year, however, it seems that there’s not going to be much marketing needed. This festival is going to sell itself. Although Snowta had a fantastic inaugural lineup, with our good homies Big G and Infected Mushroom, plus Tipper and more–having Excision’s paradox tour and Pretty Lights headlining will cement it’s place in Minneapolis for years!

To give you a sense of just how rare a Pretty Lights tour date is, here’s a screenshot of his Tour Dates page from his website:

Yeah, that combined with the fact that Excision’s Paradox tour was wildly successful, and the Paradox stage setup is coming to Minneapolis again. Sprinkle in Ganja White Night, a little hip-hop courtesy of Post Malone, Gucci Mane, and Prof.

We got to talk to Zack Chazin, talent buyer for not only Snowta, but Zombie Pub Crawl (this weekend, you should definitely go), and 515 Alive Festival, and here’s what we found out:

One of the biggest things we wanted to improve on for Snowta 2018 was sound. We received a lot of feedback from 2017 that our Funktion rig was just not powerful enough to shake your bodies in the massive hall that we have our main stage in.

So, our good friends with Excision’s Paradox Production Team will be providing 150k+ WATTS OF PK SOUND + Lights and the Video Wall for BOTH days of Snowta on the Main Stage.

Additionally, Pretty Lights will be supplementing this MASSIVE production with his own lighting rig.

So for you bass freaks who want the sound to rattle your bones, we think you’ll get what you were asking for. Here’s the official Snowta Spotify playlist to get you stoked!


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Sunrise Festival [7/22/17 – 7/23/17 Poland]

Every single day, somewhere on our beloved planet, there is a concert, an event, a festival or a good old pool party where people’s souls and hearts move in the rhythm of EDM. Some big, some not so much, music festivals come in many shapes and colors. Although we’ve been to many festivals in the US, something about going to an international festival is indescribable! Every year in July, Polish seashore town known as Kolobrzeg and its amphitheater turns for three days into the EDM capital of this part of the world. As Rowdy Beats’ international representative I had had a pleasure to attend this magnificent music festival two year in the row and guess what … This year won’t be any different! July 21, 22 and 23 will set the bar for the rest of European music festivals this summer.

Imagine this: Sun slowly rising to the sound of electronic dance music, flowers in wind-blown hair, unconditional love, sweat running down everyone’s moving in euphoria bodies and people without whom all of it would be dead silent – World’s Greatest DJs. You and your friends are pregaming in lane to the entrance surrounded by already pretty rowdy crowd from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, France, USA and all over the world! You’ve had tickets waiting on a shelf for this day for months, because the festival sold out in a matter of days once. You are getting closer to the main gate and all of the sudden it hits you. The increasingly louder, but still distant base coming somewhere from the main stage, as if coming from under water. You can feel and hear your heart beating faster, your hands start to sweat a little and you feel the wave of chills going down your spine in excitement. You walk in. You look down at your phone to check out the lineup. Oliver Heldens, Armin Van Burren, Klingade, Nervo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Don Diablo. Wow … You are home. It’s Friday, the night is young, you know that this is going to be the weekend of your life. [Sunrise Festival]

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If you’ve brushed off 515 Alive in the past, DON’T for its 15th anniversary. With brand new stage productions, new venue, and easily it’s biggest lineup to date, 515 is well on its way to become a must-hit event for festival goers. The ‘festival’ has come a long ways since it’s origins as a block party over 15 years ago– 16,000 people attended last year, forcing the festival organizers to move it to Water Works Park (still in downtown Des Moines). Here’s how much bigger the venue is this year compared to the past:


To stoke the STOKE here’s a video of Excision from his most recent tour:

Of course we’re stoked to rage face with Excision and get groovy with GRiZ. But we can’t wait to see some great up and coming talent too. Oh, and maybe Gucci Mane will be cool, we’ll see. And with tickets starting at $70 for the entire weekend, you’ll actually be able to afford food during the weekend!



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Electric Forest Daily Schedules 2016

The day has finally come: Electric Forest has at last released their day-by-day schedules. Which means, people can stop complaining about how long it took, and can start complaining about how they hate that (artist x) is playing on (stage y) and not on on (stage z).  That, and the always enthralling conversations about how “They f****ed up the schedule!” But if you actually take a second to look at it,  you’ll see that they did a damn fine job with the times (We can’t speak to the stage placements since this’ll be our first year there!!).

P.S. EF won’t have printed schedules so either print out your own or download the app. (But your phone will probably either be dead or lost so just print one)

Click for larger version, or head over to the Electric Forest Website



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Infected Mushroom CVII Tour — 3/4 Minneapolis | Skyway Theatre

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Infected Mushroom is one of those groups that we never take for granted every year. For the last three years, they have amazed us with one of THE BEST live performances in music. From their stunning 3D mapping visuals of “The Dueling Death Stars” to their custom controllers, Duvdev and Erez always bring on their A-game. We’re beyond stoked to have them here again this Friday with a full band.

Their latest EP, Converting Vegetarians II out on Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records, sticks to the bizarre medley of sounds that only Infected Mushroom can create, and completely own. Listen to it here, and let it take you through the rabbit hole, into another world.

Let’s get weird. Check out our interview with Duvdev and Erez:

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