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The Floozies “Do Your Thing” Tour & Album [Free Download]

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Minneapolis – First Ave. & 7th St Entry 2/21/15 This SATURDAY!

Urbana- Canopy Club 2/26/15 Next THURSDAY!

The Floozies will be bringing some funky fresh vibes to both of our Rowdy Beats locations in Minneapolis and Urbana, Illinois! Two brothers, producer/guitarist Matt Hill and drummer Mark Hill have been traveling all over the US to festivals and venues throwing down funky electronic music making crowds want to dance all night! We were lucky enough to catch their opening set for the GRiZMatik show in Minneapolis back in November, and are stoked to see them headline their own show! Their new album, “Do Your Thing,” made a huge impact by making it’s way into the list of the top 15 electronic albums on the iTunes charts. Urbana is in store for an exciting, live performance from the Floozies, who never disappoint and always make the crowd get down! And catching them in the legendary First Avenue in Minneapolis this Saturday is going to be a night to remember as well! Let’s hope The Floozies drop “Jambox,” and bring back Prince-levels of funk to First Ave again! Get the full album for free, and get ready to boogie!


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SNEO–”Terra” EP

Full Album Stream/Download

Electronic music’s trickle into modern cinema has been occurring pretty rapidly over the last few years. However, it’s been mostly restricted to party scenes in movies (or all of Project X), and crazy action (22 Jump Street). Section Z’s Records’, SNEO, is going to bridge the gap between dance music and movie soundtracks. SNEO’s new EP, Terra, embarks the listener on a journey which is self-described as “mankind landing on an alien world for the first time and exploring it”. We couldn’t agree more, the first track “Bioluminous” instantly reminded us of Metroid Prime’s “Tallon Overworld” Theme–one of the best video game soundtracks ever BTW.

The atmospheric melodies really do transport you while the bass keeps you grounded on this new world. Check out “Bioluminous” below, and go give SNEO’s Facebook Page a “Like!” [Full Album Stream/Download]

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Zeds Dead – Aragon Ballroom NYE


***GET YOUR TICKETS HERE*** – Dec. 30                                    ***GET YOUR TICKETS HERE*** – Dec. 31

New Years at the Aragon Ballroom is going to be out of this world as Zeds Dead hits Chicago! Zeds Dead will be performing TWO nights at the Aragon Ballroom, because one night just isn’t enough! Originating in Toronto, Zeds Dead has been in the electronic scene since 2009 when they released their album “Zeds Dead.” Since then, they have been growing and today the two artists have over 4 million followers on SoundCloud. Becoming very popular over the years, they have made appearances at huge festivals headlining Electric Forest and performing at Tomorrow World and EDC last summer. The duo explores a wide range of electronic music genres from electro house to dirty, filthy dubstep. Chicago has a wild, two-night, non-stop dancing extravaganza on their hands! The first night, Zeds Dead will join with Seven Lions and LOUDPVCK, and the second night they will perform with Djemba Djemba and Jauz. Any city all over the United States would die for two nights of Zeds Dead for NYE, but they wanted to spend a crazy New Yeain the Windy City!

-Sara Allen



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Vaski’s Main Room Holiday Blowout– 12/20/14 @First Avenue




2014 has been a big year for the local music scene. VASKI, the most exciting electronic music producer from the North Star State, made some great headway this year (no “Minnesota” is not actually from Minnesota). Not only did he release his “Weightless EP”, DJ a Twins game at Target Field, release tracks that have hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud, but he became the resident DJ at historic First Avenue (or as The Glitch Mob called it when we hung out with them, “Prince’s Club” haha).


Vaski’s last residency show is coming THIS SATURDAY, 12/20/14. Although he recently moved to Los Angeles, he’s bringing the love back tohis home turf, along with some great support: TWRK (who was featured in Skrillex’s Red Rocks Set) known for the ridiculously catchy “BaDINGA!”, and the homies Boombox Cartel. Hit our Facebook page for a chance to win free tickets!



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edIT–Crying Over Pros For No Reason


It’s not very often that we get to see how an artist’s music has been reshaped or defined newer material. In the EDM world, longevity is rare, and it seems like every month there’s a new blockbuster DJ/Producer on the scene. Which is why its so interesting to be able to delve deep in The Glitch Mob’s past, before the trio even existed, and see the origins of each of the three Mob members, particularly Ed Ma, aka edIT. edIT’s first album Crying Over Pros For No Reason, is being re-released and is completing a 10-year cycle for his solo project, which has taken a side seat since the formation of The Glitch Mob in 2006. However, to first time listeners, edIT’s first album is moment of realization. The tracks seem vaguely familiar for anyone who has listened to The Glitch Mob before, the calm, melodic instruments juxtaposed with heavy, iconic, GLITCH.  Check out the anniversary edition of the album, and all the DnB inspirations from it in the full stream below, and if you dig it BUY IT:

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, you’ll definitely want this one, coolest looking vinyl we’ve seen, available here.


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PSY Breaks YouTube!


“The “Gangnam Style” music video has been viewed so many times, not even YouTube can keep up.

Yes, people still watch “Gangnam Style,” and they have pushed the view count on Psy’s viral music video to more than 2.15 billion since it was first posted in 2012.

Yes, billion.

YouTube never expected one of its videos to garner such a large number of views. In a post on Monday, the company said the YouTube system wasn’t prepared. “We never thought a video would be watched in numbers greater than a 32-bit integer (=2,147,483,647 views),” the post reads.

As a result, the YouTube view counter stopped counting views after 2,147,483,647. The company said it plans to upgrade the number.


Now, when you hover your mouse over the number of views on the site, the counter goes crazy to signify that the record has been broken. Here’s what it looks like:

Kim Kardashian may have tried to break the Internet, but it turns out Psy actually did it.”


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DJ Earworm Mashup 2014!


It’s the end of the year. How was your year? DJ Earworm has become the dude for mashing pop songs during the year, and this is what he came up with this time.

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