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Mau5 Fight

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So a few days back Disney decided to file a lawsuit against Deadmau5 claiming that his mau5head mouse logo was too simliar to their Mickey Mouse logo and infringed on their rights. You can see the two images compared side to side above.

While there is obviously some similarities with the 3 circles, smile and minimalstic design, it seemed pretty insane. Also with the fact that he has registered for a trademark in 30 other countries already. Well since America is America, when he tried to apply to get it in the US, he in return is facing a potential lawsuit with Disney.

Well just an hour ago Deadmau5 unleashed onto Facebook that Disney has actually done the unthinkable, in the middle of this heated debate between the two, Disney has decided to use his popular song “Ghosts N Stuff” without permission in a new online Disney “Re-micks” video edited to some Mickey cartoons. 

Here’s the video:

Deadmau5 seems to be very confident about the situation. Here’s the Cease and Desist letter as well as his twitter rant.



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Skrillex Red Rocks 2014 Mothership Set!

No words necessary for this…just, RAGE! Don’t forget to check out Skrillex’s latest album HERE!



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Gramatik Lays Down The Beat! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Soda start, symphonic melodies and lyrical flow of ProbCause present ProbMatik. Emphatically entitled “ProbMatik Monster Stomp”, we thoroughly enjoyed this one in its entirety. From start to finish Gramatik’s beat gets captures you whiel ProbCause’s flow keeps you bobbin’. We’d love to see more collabs from these two! Requesting Gramatik to release a full hip-hop album with collabs with various rappers like Childish Gambino, Deltron 3030, Del the funky homosapien, etc.  - anyone else agree?


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If there’s one producer that we can expect to wow us with unexpected takes on music, it’s Lorin Ashton. Known to non-BassHeads as Bassnectar, Ashton is back with an epic new 15-track LP, “Noise vs. Beauty.” A fitting title for the work of someone who seems to effortlessly blend calming atmospheric melodies with hard-hitting bass, as seen immediately in the first track “F.U.N” (<–Spongebob Reference?) The progression through the LP is truly remarkable, the second track is another one of our favorites, starting out with a frenzy of noise, transitioning to slow, smooth vocals, and getting our heart rate back up and our heads banging. By the third song, “Loco Ono” Bassnectar knows exactly what you’re thinking, the lyrics appropriately start off the song “Let the music take control, turn in up and LET IT GO!!!”

We weren’t huge fans of the vocals for the 4th track, but the next one, “Lost in the Crowd” is going to be an instant hit. Combining some great hip-hop, with an infectious riff, the song instantly reminded us of the hit, “Vava Voom.” Right when you need a break, “Ephemeral” lets you ease off a little bit, and creates a galactic traveling atmosphere. But don’t let us tell you how the LP should make you feel, experience it yourself below!!! As always, one of the most refreshing takes on “EDM” music, and always progressive.  Buy the album on where you can find out a lot more of the behind-the-scenes work and collaborations. Plus check out his Twitter feed to see the insights he’s shared with fans!



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DJ Snake| Skyway Theatre| Minneapolis 6/20/14

***Get Your Tickets Here***
This Friday, Minneapolis has the pleasure of welcoming one of the biggest names in electronic music right now. Already with a Grammy-nomination for album of the year, DJ Snake burst into the limelight with his hand in producing “Born This Way” for Lady Gaga in 2013. Some of the other singles that he’s created can be heard in sets from almost every artist, and includes “Turn Down for What?”, which recently went platinum. His collaboration with Dillon Francis is one of our favorite Arabian sounding electronic twerk-masterpieces, and has millions of plays on Soundcloud and Youtube. Come Get Rowdy with us and SIM this Friday at Skyway Theatre!

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The World Cup is HAPPENING! Spain got trashed 5-1 by Netherlands today, in case you were curious. Back to music – legendary producer, Diplo released this hour long mix onto BBC in honor of the World Cup. Some big names: The White Stripes, Kanye, Beyonce, Black Keys…and the list goes on. Check it out for yourself and bump it at your party tonight!

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Above & Beyond – Good For Me (Matt Lange Remix)

Matt Lange has put together a remix of Above and Beyond’s “Good For Me” and it has surpassed all our expactations. Matt manages to keep Above and Beyond’s sound present, while adding in his own touch and the result is truly beautiful. Music is all about emotion and this track made us feel alive. Good job Matt, keep it up!

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