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Bassnectar Lollapalooza 2015

Ethereal as always, and bass heavy – one of our favorites, Bassnectar does it time and again. Dropping Childish Gambino in the beginning of this video, then moving onto his gold “Into the Sun”, and then to heavy metal – Slayer/Pantera?!? This set is just straight ROWDY!

Bassnectar – Live @ Lollapalooza 2015 (Chicago) Full Set by Traumzauberwald on Mixcloud

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Ratatat, ‘Magnifique’ [FULL ALBUM]


Featured on NPR, Ratatat’s new album is where it’s at. Summer vibes flowing through these tracks. Full Album: BUY HERE“So much of Ratatat‘s appeal lies in what it doesn’t do: On the band’s fifth album, Brooklynites Mike Stroud and Evan Mast built sleek, propulsive instrumentals using a spare palette of guitars, synthesizers and simple percussion in such a way that the music sounds both triumphant and understated. These are rock instrumentals that needn’t overcompensate for their lack of words; they don’t strain to be heard or scramble to stand out, but instead convey coolness that seems effortless.

What Magnifique — Ratatat’s first album since the more experimental LP4 five summers ago — lacks in showy flamboyance or wholly surprising sounds, it possesses in breezy smoothness that proves versatile. The first single, “Cream On Chrome,” has the most overt zippiness to it, but even it never works up a sweat or wastes a breath. When Ratatat kicks up a few ’80s-style hard-rock guitar solos in “Pricks Of Brightness,” they function as some of the most easygoing heroics you’ll ever hear.

Elsewhere on Magnifique, the duo’s instrumentals seem suited to accompany mixed drinks at a beachside restaurant: At several points in “Drift,” Ratatat calms down enough to emit a noise that closely resembles a cat’s purr, while “Supreme” sways softly such that it attracts a chirping bird. If Magnifique unfolds like a snappy summer movie, “I Will Return” is there at the end to burble euphorically over the closing credits, even going so far as to promise a sequel right in its title. Here’s hoping so.” – NPR

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Into The Sun – BASSNECTAR!


Bassheads AAASSSEEEMMMBBLLEEE!!! Bass Wizard – Bassnectar is here and with some new euphoric summery vibes that feature some dope melodic yet energetic sounds. “INTO THE SUN!!! Announcing the imminent release of 16 slices of Amorphous Music – and a 70-minute bonus track: Mixtape 13”. Lorin has boosted tracks that are straight bounce, beautiful, and as always bass heavy.

Out June 30th to blow you away! In the meantime – you need to Pre-Order HERE!

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Dance, Dance, and DANCE! Abrasive – Ratatat


No need for words….click play, listen, watch and grooooooove! Ratatat giving our ears this magic accompanied by 4000+ drawings from E.Vax, this one is just happiness. July 17th, hurry up!

Other posts on this: HERE! AND HERE!

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] I’m In Love With The Coco – Ed Sheeran (Hitimpulse Remix)

We’ve all heard the single I’m In Love With The Coco by O.T Genasis. Whether you thought it was ridiculous or ridiculously entertaining, famed British singer-songwriter’s melodic voice paired with the genius of Germany’s Hitimpulse, brings forth to you a remix that will change your perspective on the original to a “whoaaa”.  [DOWNLOAD FREE]


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[NEW ALBUM] Magnifique – RATATAT

The wait is ALMOST over! After teasing us with “Cream on Chrome”, the duo gave us a taste of the new new with “Intro”. With the first two songs already released, the new album entitled appropriately as Magnifique is set to be out July 17. A production of over 4 years, the cover features a series of sketches by Mast and Stroud that were made during their work.  Musicians, artists, and geniuses…we can’t wait!


01 Intro
02 Cream on Chrome
03 Magnifique
04 Abrasive
05 Countach
06 Drift
07 Pricks of Brightness
08 Nightclub Amnesia
09 Cold Fingers
10 Supreme
11 Rome
12 Primetime
13 I Will Return
14 Outro

Is Ratatat coming near you? Check out their tour:

5-30 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound
05-31 Paris, France – We Love Green
06-05 New York, NY – Governors Ball
07-24-26 Seattle, WA – Capital Hill Block Party
07-27 Vancouver, British Columbia – The Vogue Theatre
07-29 Portland, OR – Roseland Theatre
07-31 San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
08-02 Pomona, CA – Hard Summer Music Festival
08-14 Saint-Malo, France – Route Du Rock Festival
08-17 Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega Festival
08-19 Cologne, Germany – C/O Pop Festival
08-21 Charleville-Mezieres, France – Cabaret Vert Festival
08-22 Paredes de Coura, Portugal – Paredes de Coura Festival


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Return of RATATAT!!

Ratatat!! Woop woop! One of our personal favorites, the duo has finally released new stuff. The song exemplifies Ratatat’s signature sound that just makes you feel good. Since their last release in 2010, “Cream on Chromeo” is a taste of the goodness that’s to come this year from Ratatat.

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SNEO–“Terra” EP

Full Album Stream/Download

Electronic music’s trickle into modern cinema has been occurring pretty rapidly over the last few years. However, it’s been mostly restricted to party scenes in movies (or all of Project X), and crazy action (22 Jump Street). Section Z’s Records’, SNEO, is going to bridge the gap between dance music and movie soundtracks. SNEO’s new EP, Terra, embarks the listener on a journey which is self-described as “mankind landing on an alien world for the first time and exploring it”. We couldn’t agree more, the first track “Bioluminous” instantly reminded us of Metroid Prime’s “Tallon Overworld” Theme–one of the best video game soundtracks ever BTW.

The atmospheric melodies really do transport you while the bass keeps you grounded on this new world. Check out “Bioluminous” below, and go give SNEO’s Facebook Page a “Like!” [Full Album Stream/Download]

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edIT–Crying Over Pros For No Reason


It’s not very often that we get to see how an artist’s music has been reshaped or defined newer material. In the EDM world, longevity is rare, and it seems like every month there’s a new blockbuster DJ/Producer on the scene. Which is why its so interesting to be able to delve deep in The Glitch Mob’s past, before the trio even existed, and see the origins of each of the three Mob members, particularly Ed Ma, aka edIT. edIT’s first album Crying Over Pros For No Reason, is being re-released and is completing a 10-year cycle for his solo project, which has taken a side seat since the formation of The Glitch Mob in 2006. However, to first time listeners, edIT’s first album is moment of realization. The tracks seem vaguely familiar for anyone who has listened to The Glitch Mob before, the calm, melodic instruments juxtaposed with heavy, iconic, GLITCH.  Check out the anniversary edition of the album, and all the DnB inspirations from it in the full stream below, and if you dig it BUY IT:

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, you’ll definitely want this one, coolest looking vinyl we’ve seen, available here.


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Skrillex Red Rocks 2014 Mothership Set!

No words necessary for this…just, RAGE! Don’t forget to check out Skrillex’s latest album HERE!



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Gramatik Lays Down The Beat! [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Soda start, symphonic melodies and lyrical flow of ProbCause present ProbMatik. Emphatically entitled “ProbMatik Monster Stomp”, we thoroughly enjoyed this one in its entirety. From start to finish Gramatik’s beat gets captures you whiel ProbCause’s flow keeps you bobbin’. We’d love to see more collabs from these two! Requesting Gramatik to release a full hip-hop album with collabs with various rappers like Childish Gambino, Deltron 3030, Del the funky homosapien, etc.  – anyone else agree?


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Above & Beyond – Good For Me (Matt Lange Remix)

Matt Lange has put together a remix of Above and Beyond’s “Good For Me” and it has surpassed all our expactations. Matt manages to keep Above and Beyond’s sound present, while adding in his own touch and the result is truly beautiful. Music is all about emotion and this track made us feel alive. Good job Matt, keep it up!

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GRiZ – Fall In Love Too Fast (Exmag Remix): MUST HEAR

The soul/funk guru Griz has had one of his older tracks remixed by New York’s Exmag. Being apart of Gramatik’s Lowtemp label, Exmag has got nothing but good vibes and enough funk to change the world. “Fall In Love Too Fast” takes you on a 3:30 adventure through the land of funk and we will have this track on repeat for the rest of the day. So real!

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Wake up to this “ALARM CLOCK”!

Having trouble waking up in the morning? Tired of listening to your phone going off in the morning, only to find yourself snoozing it? Time to spice up your mornings with Feed Me’s new single – “Alarm Clock”. With a bumping thumping beat and melodic vocals sung by the man himself, Jon Gooch, this single portrays the man reinventing himself and showcasing an electro frenzy that is sure to get your morning going. Check him out on his 2014 Tour in New York on August 2nd!

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Falling In Love Again Feat. Marty Rod & Alma (Kill Paris & Bee’s Knees Keytar Mix)

Fresh to death! “Falling In Love Again” is nothing but straight funky happiness. With the help of artists Marty Rod and Alma, and the production skills of Kill Paris and Bee’s Knees, this funky fresh tune has come together beautifully. We could groove out to this all day and all night!

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Real Slow (DOM Remix)

One of our favorite guys in the game, Dominic Lalli from Big Gigantic has gone off on his own here and put together a super fresh remix of Miami Horror’s “Real Slow”. The tune is funky fresh and keeps the good vibes rollin’ throughout the song. The beat itself is very spacey, while having some really cool elements but most of all, it just makes us want to groove. Keep doing your thing Dom!

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Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cosmo’s Midnight Bootleg) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Aussie twin brothers, Cosmo’s Midnight released their highly anticipated remix of “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child. As the original song was the winner of two Grammy awards, this bootleg retains authenticity with added BOUNCE and melody. 90s track reinvented and brought to you as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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Harder, Better, Faster, Dillon Francis [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Dillon Francis, known to many as the pioneer of moombahton and moombahcore, stated that Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” is “one of my favorite Daft Punk songs”. The tract features a remix of the classic, turned into a festival banger. This is what he had to say or YELL:



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Interactive Album Shows EVERY NOTE!

Dive into the intergalactic world of George & Jonathan III! The geniuses behind this innovative  project, George and Jonathan feature visualizations of every single note that’s played on record. Hypnotic and peppy, the album allows you to take a 360 degree virtual tour of each song’s timeline. Each of the lines represents a note played by a MIDI instrument with the addition of some visually trippy graphics that get your imagination going. The production is very clean with fun songs that are sure to put you in a good mood!

Special Note: Lookout for Track 3: “Puppy Love”  – features some hilarious whack-a-mole action!

Website and album: CHECK IT HERE!

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Akshin Alizadeh – Pebbles On Road


AkshinAkshin Alizadeh is an electronic music producer from Azerbaijan and this dude was born with music moving in his blood. Playing the violin and piano since age 6, Akshin combines funky grooves with funk and jazz influences. Akshin’s musical ability shines through on all his tracks and you just can’t help but move when you hear his music. His latest track “Pebbles On Road” is more of that fresh fresh, new new. Keep gettin it Akshin!

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Boys Noize – Push Em Up (Salva Remix)


Check out Salva’s latest remix of Boys Noize’s banger “Push Em Up”.  The song comes in slow with some interesting synth action, cool vocals and a sub bass that will get you moving. The classic build only had us anticipating the best from Salva and when that beat dropped you better believe that we were bumping. To see this one live would be a treat. Rage on!

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Afrojack to Nick van de Wall


Nick van de Wall better known by his stage name Afrojack is one of the biggest in the EDM world (as if you didn’t know that already). From club poppers to festival bangers, the productions that he has put out are nothing short of spectacular. We had the privilege of seeing him live at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago in the summer of 2013, and were BLOWN AWAY!! Although widely criticized for contributing to the homogenizing “EDM sound”, he has become a commercial success, and now has put out productions such as these. Stepping out of his alias of Afrojack, the man unmasks, and throws at us some pretty radical beats that stay true to electro/techy and showcase his talent as a producer. We are loving this one!


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Major Lazer – Come On To Me (feat. Sean Paul)

Major Lazer is back with a funky, sexy track featuring Sean Paul. Sean Paul is on his game with those Jamaican vibes that will have you grooving all day. But the best part of this song is most definitely the classic Major Lazer drops that put us square in the middle of the jungle on a wild adventure. Get loose!

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Hermitude and Flume-Hyperparadise (GANZ Flip)

Image via Ganz

It was a gutsy move by Dutch native GANZ to flip Flume’s sensational remix of “Hyperparadise”. But we have to say, we are completely in love with what GANZ has done with the track. While still maintaining that original Flume sound, GANZ has changed several elements and added in a saxophone that soothes the soul. The result is money. Check it out.

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