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Sunrise Festival [7/22/17 – 7/23/17 Poland]

Every single day, somewhere on our beloved planet, there is a concert, an event, a festival or a good old pool party where people’s souls and hearts move in the rhythm of EDM. Some big, some not so much, music festivals come in many shapes and colors. Although we’ve been to many festivals in the US, something about going to an international festival is indescribable! Every year in July, Polish seashore town known as Kolobrzeg and its amphitheater turns for three days into the EDM capital of this part of the world. As Rowdy Beats’ international representative I had had a pleasure to attend this magnificent music festival two year in the row and guess what … This year won’t be any different! July 21, 22 and 23 will set the bar for the rest of European music festivals this summer.

Imagine this: Sun slowly rising to the sound of electronic dance music, flowers in wind-blown hair, unconditional love, sweat running down everyone’s moving in euphoria bodies and people without whom all of it would be dead silent – World’s Greatest DJs. You and your friends are pregaming in lane to the entrance surrounded by already pretty rowdy crowd from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, France, USA and all over the world! You’ve had tickets waiting on a shelf for this day for months, because the festival sold out in a matter of days once. You are getting closer to the main gate and all of the sudden it hits you. The increasingly louder, but still distant base coming somewhere from the main stage, as if coming from under water. You can feel and hear your heart beating faster, your hands start to sweat a little and you feel the wave of chills going down your spine in excitement. You walk in. You look down at your phone to check out the lineup. Oliver Heldens, Armin Van Burren, Klingade, Nervo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Don Diablo. Wow … You are home. It’s Friday, the night is young, you know that this is going to be the weekend of your life. [Sunrise Festival]

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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Tomorrowland Live Set


Whether you’re DJing tonight, going out to a party, or just want to Get Rowdy at home, you’re going to need some music to accomplish that. What better than have Dimitri and Like Mike playing a fresh set (less than 24 hrs. old!) for you from the most iconic EDM festival in the world?! We were pleased to hear one of their most famous songs “Ocarina” amongst many great festival/dance tunes. Listen to the entire set here:

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Phat Brahms–Official Music Video

If you’ve been keeping up with Rowdy Beats, you’ve undoubtedly already heard Phat Brahms by Steve Aoki, Angger Dimas Vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in Aokishouse 40 and 41, but now view the official music video! It features the four artists getting Rowdy in colonial times times and facing the threat of the guillotine. Watch the entire thing to find out what happens:

*Unfortunately, Dim Mak has decided to only release the video on MTV clubland, so we can only link you to it, instead of embedding it here 🙁 *

Update: We were just way ahead of the curve. It’s now on Youtube as well.

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