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Last year, undoubtedly one of the strangest marketing campaigns for a music event in the midwest, had to have been “#WTFisSnowta?” And although it worked well last year, let’s hope they don’t do that again. This year, however, it seems that there’s not going to be much marketing needed. This festival is going to sell itself. Although Snowta had a fantastic inaugural lineup, with our good homies Big G and Infected Mushroom, plus Tipper and more–having Excision’s paradox tour and Pretty Lights headlining will cement it’s place in Minneapolis for years!

To give you a sense of just how rare a Pretty Lights tour date is, here’s a screenshot of his Tour Dates page from his website:

Yeah, that combined with the fact that Excision’s Paradox tour was wildly successful, and the Paradox stage setup is coming to Minneapolis again. Sprinkle in Ganja White Night, a little hip-hop courtesy of Post Malone, Gucci Mane, and Prof.

We got to talk to Zack Chazin, talent buyer for not only Snowta, but Zombie Pub Crawl (this weekend, you should definitely go), and 515 Alive Festival, and here’s what we found out:

One of the biggest things we wanted to improve on for Snowta 2018 was sound. We received a lot of feedback from 2017 that our Funktion rig was just not powerful enough to shake your bodies in the massive hall that we have our main stage in.

So, our good friends with Excision’s Paradox Production Team will be providing 150k+ WATTS OF PK SOUND + Lights and the Video Wall for BOTH days of Snowta on the Main Stage.

Additionally, Pretty Lights will be supplementing this MASSIVE production with his own lighting rig.

So for you bass freaks who want the sound to rattle your bones, we think you’ll get what you were asking for. Here’s the official Snowta Spotify playlist to get you stoked!


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If you’ve brushed off 515 Alive in the past, DON’T for its 15th anniversary. With brand new stage productions, new venue, and easily it’s biggest lineup to date, 515 is well on its way to become a must-hit event for festival goers. The ‘festival’ has come a long ways since it’s origins as a block party over 15 years ago– 16,000 people attended last year, forcing the festival organizers to move it to Water Works Park (still in downtown Des Moines). Here’s how much bigger the venue is this year compared to the past:


To stoke the STOKE here’s a video of Excision from his most recent tour:

Of course we’re stoked to rage face with Excision and get groovy with GRiZ. But we can’t wait to see some great up and coming talent too. Oh, and maybe Gucci Mane will be cool, we’ll see. And with tickets starting at $70 for the entire weekend, you’ll actually be able to afford food during the weekend!



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Kicking Off Festival Season Right–Spring Awakening Recap

We thought we had seen all there was to see before coming to Spring Awakening, having attended concerts of some of the big name DJ’s and producers, such as Hardwell, Benny Benassi, Justice, and  Bassnectar; but we were wrong. As we approached Chicago’s astounding Soldier Field, we felt a sense of awe and inspiration. Not only had we finally arrived to our first music festival, we had arrived at a historic landmark. Walking to the ticket lines, our stomachs started to flutter, we could hear that the party had already started outside at Da Equinox stage. A stage that was already bigger than most of the venues we had been to. The first day was extremely memorable, interviewing Robbie Rivera, Moby climbing onto his table triumphantly  making a “rock-on” sign high above the crowd, and Nero delivering an unforgettable set–there was still a Day 2. And 3.

Click –> Day 1 Pics:


Day 2 started out with the CEO of Sound In Motion (a Minneapolis based concert promotion company), and veteran DJ, Jack Trash on the main stage. But it was impossible to stay at any one stage for too long. React Presents, the company that made Spring Awakening possible, tortured the crowds by having amazing DJ’s playing at the same time. But Soldier Field was built to have crowds moving through it, and we had no problem catching artists that were playing at the same time at different locations: AN21/Max Vangeli and Gramatik, Flosstradamus and Nervo, Nicky Romero (who surprised Nervo during their set) and Zedd, Wolfgang Gartner and Zeds Dead. Wolfgang was on fire and had the crowd primed for the bass God himself, Bassnectar. The 15 mins between Wolfgang’s set ending and Bassnectar’s set created an anticipation within the EDM fanatics that was highly palpable. People were already starting to groove but nothing could prepare us for what was the come. Lorin (Bassnectar) took the stage with triumph! His entrance immediately sparked an array of excitement and joy that cannot be put into words. His set began with an enormous amount of energy that had the bass chattering our teeth, reverberating on our skin and creating goosebumps that will forever be a memory of this artistic display of music and lights. Halfway through his set when he had the crowd banging their heads, waving their hands, and bouncing up and down, it began to rain. It seemed that the Bass God himself had summoned these rhinestones from the sky to fall upon those beneath to transcend the energy to a whole new level. The diversity in his music from Jay-Z and Kid Cudi remixes to The Beatles to a chirping bird had some fans in tears from the joy that they thought was never possible. Pure emotions were evoked as the the legendary Soldier Field was filled with an aura of bass love. For all those there, they know exactly what sort of emotions we are talking about. Perhaps this picture of the packed field will describe some of what was felt (likely not).

Click –> Day 2 Pics

Bassnectar panorama

Day 3 was the culmination of the an unforgettable weekend. The weather was perfect, the artists were killing it, and the crowd was Rowdy. From Sjoerd Janssen’s–of the Showtek brother duo–blue pants and CO2 gun, to Krewella’s live vocals, and finally to Calvin Harris’ set under a fireworks display; everyone was “Feel(ing) So Close” to each other, to the music, and to this wonderful culture that React Presents brought to Chicago for the 2nd year. The same culture that we hope everyone will be able to connect with at Summerset Music Festival in August.

Click –> Day 3 Pics


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Day 3 Spring Awakening Music Festival!

Krewella, Showtek, Calvin Harris, Carnage, Excision, Porter Robinson, and MORE!

So many ROWDY people we LOVE IT! Click HERE for Facebook, “Like” the page and tag yourself and friends!

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Destroid – The Invasion

The nasty dubstep trio Destroid (Excision, Downlink & Space Laces) have released their first full album together. If you’re all about filthy, disgusting dubstep then we’ve found your heaven. We promise that these boys will get your subwoofers bumping. Shout out to all my bassheads in the world!!

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