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If you’ve brushed off 515 Alive in the past, DON’T for its 15th anniversary. With brand new stage productions, new venue, and easily it’s biggest lineup to date, 515 is well on its way to become a must-hit event for festival goers. The ‘festival’ has come a long ways since it’s origins as a block party over 15 years ago– 16,000 people attended last year, forcing the festival organizers to move it to Water Works Park (still in downtown Des Moines). Here’s how much bigger the venue is this year compared to the past:


To stoke the STOKE here’s a video of Excision from his most recent tour:

Of course we’re stoked to rage face with Excision and get groovy with GRiZ. But we can’t wait to see some great up and coming talent too. Oh, and maybe Gucci Mane will be cool, we’ll see. And with tickets starting at $70 for the entire weekend, you’ll actually be able to afford food during the weekend!



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GRiZMatik DEVIL’S NIGHT Tour with The Floozies


***GET YOUR TICKETS HERE*** Thursday, 10/30 Myth

It’s almost time!! GRiZMatik is finally coming to Minneapolis! They just missed us last year, and we’re happy to see that they’re bringing the love here.  Just two years ago,  GRiZ and Gramatik joined forces to create the side project, GrizMatik.




Gramatik 2013

Since the release of their first single, “Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom,” (a reference to GRiZ’s album Mad Liberation  and Gramatik’s Digital Freedom) the dynamic duo has proven to be a killer collaboration, which isn’t a surprise as they continue to play impromptu sets together at various festivals (remember the rumors about Electric Forest this year?). Although we’ve seen both Gramatik (one our favorite sets at North Coast Festival) and GRiZ individually, we’re stoked for the whole pie Thursday! Plus with The Floozies opening, it’s going to be a great night, check out our interview with them.


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GRiZ – Fall In Love Too Fast (Exmag Remix): MUST HEAR

The soul/funk guru Griz has had one of his older tracks remixed by New York’s Exmag. Being apart of Gramatik’s Lowtemp label, Exmag has got nothing but good vibes and enough funk to change the world. “Fall In Love Too Fast” takes you on a 3:30 adventure through the land of funk and we will have this track on repeat for the rest of the day. So real!

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Last Thursday Griz came to Minneapolis and put on an unbelievable set at Epic Night Club. The 21 year old Detroit native, who has been playing the saxophone and piano since age 14 is one of the most talented and creative musicians on the EDM circuit. His music, which is a combination of soul, funk, jazz and dance music, had us getting down all night long. Griz has the ability to pull you in with meaningful melodies and sax solos, and then drop the bass and let you get crazy. Of course, Minneapolis came to party and the atmosphere at the venue was as electric as it’s ever been. Griz come back ANYTIME!!

Check out the photos of the awesomeness HERE.

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Griz coming to Minneapolis!

This Wednesday at Epic Night Club Griz is about to smash the funk and get Minneapolis bumping! One of our favorites in the game today, Grant Kwiecinski aka Griz is known for his soulful saxophone play as well as his dubby drops. This cat who hails from Detroit is only 21 years old and already his music has become a staple in the EDM community as well as on the festival circuit. Griz has just dropped his second full length album titled ‘Rebel Era’ and in doing so, has proved that he has plenty of creativity to be producing new music for years to come. ‘Rebel Era’ is an incredible combination of soul, funk and dubstep that has something for everyone and truly elevates your level of consciousness. “Hard Times” is one of the most meaningful songs we’ve heard it quite some time and the passion behind it really portrays the struggle that life can be.  We were lucky enough to catch him at Summer Set Music Festival in August and he blew us away. His ability to feel the energy and the mood in the crowd and adjust accordingly separates him from the majority of the artists out there. GRIZ LETS GET ROWDY! Grab tickets for Griz this Wednesday at Epic Night Club here.

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Childish Griz [FREE DOWNLOAD]

We’ve been following Griz before his Mad Liberation album which featured dope hits such as “Blasta”. After seeing his live performances, we were even more blown away by his outrageous talent. This 23 year old Detroit producer has taken to one of our favorite rappers, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover. The hit “Heartbeat” from his album Camp, Gambino has been spitting dope rhymes with sick beats since before “Lance had chemo”. This funky bootleg of Heartbeat adds a new vibe to the song and shows a different sound from Griz. Free download!!

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Summer Set Music Festival 2013 Recap!


Summer Set Music Festival has come to a close and it was one wild weekend. We had the chance to attend the inaugural year of Summer Set last August and it was cool to hit the festi once again. As with all festivals, there were up and downs, highs and lows, but overall it was an amazing weekend filled with awesome music and incredible PEOPLE!!  Each day was filled with a lifetime of experience and such an incredible array of music that it would be impossible to encapsulate it all in one post. Nonetheless, we thought it would be cool to give all our loving fans a little recap of the weekend so that those who weren’t there can live vicariously through us and those who were, could relive the magic one more time!


Day 1

There were a couple Rowdy Reps present at the festival and maybe you caught one of our boys dancing his face off with the official Rowdy Beats sign or our professional photographer snapping some pictures of all you wonderful people! In any case, they were both there all weekend long and we hope you had the chance to meet them and take a picture. Starting at 1 pm each day there was music bumpin all over the festival. The first show that really blew us away was Beats Antique on the Main Stage. If you’ve ever had the chance to catch Beats Antique, then you know what we’re talking about. The Egyptian style music combined with the thumping of the drums was entrancing. Friday night couldn’t have been much better with Adventure Club, Griz and then Big Gigantic closing out the night. We had the opportunity to interview Dom and Jeremy from Big G during the day and we got nothing but good vibes from those two cats. Dom and Jeremy our both really chill, down to earth human beings who are some cool shit! We can’t wait for their new album next Spring. Make sure to check out our interview with them!


Day 2

The first and last days of the festival had such increbile line ups, that we didn’t think day two would hold the standard. But WOW were we wrong! Daytime was full of summertime jam sessions from Papadosio and Kill Paris and our boys Doomtree had a thing or two to say as well. Our Rowdy Reps split up on Saturday and so we were able to catch almost every show that day. Zedd came to play Saturday evening and got the crowd ready for a night of straight partying. Saturday night was highlighted by the ambient performance of Passion Pit and then two monster sets by Wolfgang Gartner and Girl Talk.


Day 3

Speaking strictly of musical performances, day 3 was one of the better days of music we have ever experienced. We were already starting to tire from 48 hours of nonstop partying and dancing and we knew that the festival closing sets of Diplo and STS9 would require everything we had. What we did not expect was that absolutely mind bending day performances of Minnesota and Zoogma. If you ever get the chance to see either of these two perform do NOT miss it!! Minnesota was arguably the best set of the entire festival, the dude absolutely threw down. He was followed an hour later by Flosstradamus and then came the great decision: Diplo or Sound Tribe? It was really unfair of the festival to put Diplo and the Tribe at the same time, but when there’s so much good music, these things happen. Well, our Rowdy Reps refused to compromise and after the first half of Diplo’s set, we quite literally sprinted across the festival grounds to catch the last half of Tribe’s set. After seeing Sound Tribe’s pyramid light show, they were glad they did.


The Rowdy dudes were actually camping at the festival and that added a whole other aspect to the experience. Camping in general and especially at a festival is such a special experience and you develop an inexplicable bond with the others around you. Having the chance to meet new people and learn about others lives in such a special atmosphere was something we will never forget. As we said at the beginning of the post, not everything at the festival ran soundly. There were a few problems with the organization of the festival grounds – the walking between stages and campsite areas was a bit brutal. The dust was also pretty intolerable at moments. These difficulties, however, are understandable and foreseeable considering the fact that this is only the second year of the festival and there was a major change in the layout of the grounds. Overall, we had a great time and are already waiting for the Summer Set 2014 line up. GET ROWDY!!!

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Grizmatik releases Official Music Video for “My People” [FREE DOWNLOAD]

After the much anticipated drop of Grizmatik’s new single “My People”, the duo has turned around and released the official music video. Grizmatik once again displays an excellent sense of videography and have created another masterpiece. The video follows Grizmatik (Gramatik and Griz), as the duo prepares for and then destroys their first ever official festival performance as Grizmatik. To add to the magic, this performance took place at Snowball Music Festival in Winter Park, Colorado. This is one of the only winter music festivals in the entire world and the video really captures it all. You can grab the free download for “My People” HERE.

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Summerset Music Festival–Daily Schedule



Summerset Music Festival released their daily schedule today. And it seems like it’s mostly a day of loathing. When you book as many amazing artists for a 3-day festival, as Summerset has, people will undoubtedly be mad. “Why is Woflgang Gartner’s overlapping Passion Pit?!” “Who thought it would be a good idea to have Diplo’s set completely eclipsed by STS9?” “WTF? WTF”. These are problems that are sure to be expected with any festival. Factoring in the artist’s schedules, we’re pretty happy with how the lineup turned out. No matter which stages you pick, it’s going to be a 3-Day bonanza you’re not going to want to miss. We’ll be there to take pictures of all you awesome people!! If you see us, come say “Yo!” and get your picture taken!!


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Just In–Summerset Lineup 2013


Check out this picture that Summerset Music Festival just released!!! Some of the biggest names we see (besides the headliners) include Zedd, Wolfgang Gartner, Madeon, Wick-It the Instigator, Diplo, and Adventure Club, amongst many others!! Get stoked, early-bird tickets already sold out within the first 10 minutes. If you want a good deal for the weekend, and were holding off to hear the lineup, HERE YOU GO! Here’s a link to their website, through which you can buy your tickets

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Gettin’ Live with GRiZ (Free Download)


Michigan native, GRiZ, has been a mad man of late, feeding the EDM world the name GRiZ, with collaborations with Big Gigantic and Gramatik. This is the first solo work GRiZ has released since coming out with his free album ‘Mad Liberation’. In his latest work ‘Gettin’ Live’ Griz took samples from the ‘Django Unchained’ soundtrack, added a bit of guitar work from Muzzy, and sprinkled a little of his own electro-soul to create another nasty piece of work. This straight swanky. So, if you like what you hear, there will be more to come with a new album set to release early this summer!

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Grizmatik Releases “My People” Preview


Collaborations are not uncommon in the EDM world, but by far one of the best so far is Grizmatik. With  Griz’s electro-soul vibe and the grimy beats of Gramatik, this duo makes for one killer combo. Grizmatik will be making their first official festival appearance this Sunday, March 10, at Snowball festival in Winter Park, CO. Their first release “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom” gave us just a whiff of what these heavy hitters are cookin’. Today we get another little tease with a preview of their next single, “My People”.  Enjoy!

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Big Gigantic+GRiZ have the “Power” (Free Download)

Big G Griz

Awesome new collaboration by two of our favorite artists, GRiZ and Big Gigantic, “Power”. Both artists had already released some amazing music this year, GRiZ with hi “Mad Liberation” album, and Big Gigantic with their EP “Nocturnal”. Our only complaint? The song leaves you wanting more!! Hopefully another collaboration is in the works. Seems like a saxophone is going to be the next big thing in EDM. Did we mention that its a FREE DOWNLOAD?!

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Blast Blastaa on Your Speakers NOW!

Detroit is coming back to prominence in so many ways. First better cars, and now sick music.  Check out GRiZ’s brand new album, “Mad Liberation”.  The 21-year-old from Michigan, his real name Grant Kwiecinsk, really hit the spot with this one. Check out the entire album and download it for FREE! “Blastaa” is probably our favorite:


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Smash The Funk

Funky sounds, rad beat, smooth jazzy sounds and gnarly bass drops – “Smash The Funk” by GRiZ; 21 year old producer, killing it! Lose control tonight and then get the album on September 4th – Mad Liberation – FOR FREE!

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