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Sunrise Festival [7/22/17 – 7/23/17 Poland]

Every single day, somewhere on our beloved planet, there is a concert, an event, a festival or a good old pool party where people’s souls and hearts move in the rhythm of EDM. Some big, some not so much, music festivals come in many shapes and colors. Although we’ve been to many festivals in the US, something about going to an international festival is indescribable! Every year in July, Polish seashore town known as Kolobrzeg and its amphitheater turns for three days into the EDM capital of this part of the world. As Rowdy Beats’ international representative I had had a pleasure to attend this magnificent music festival two year in the row and guess what … This year won’t be any different! July 21, 22 and 23 will set the bar for the rest of European music festivals this summer.

Imagine this: Sun slowly rising to the sound of electronic dance music, flowers in wind-blown hair, unconditional love, sweat running down everyone’s moving in euphoria bodies and people without whom all of it would be dead silent – World’s Greatest DJs. You and your friends are pregaming in lane to the entrance surrounded by already pretty rowdy crowd from Poland, Germany, Ukraine, France, USA and all over the world! You’ve had tickets waiting on a shelf for this day for months, because the festival sold out in a matter of days once. You are getting closer to the main gate and all of the sudden it hits you. The increasingly louder, but still distant base coming somewhere from the main stage, as if coming from under water. You can feel and hear your heart beating faster, your hands start to sweat a little and you feel the wave of chills going down your spine in excitement. You walk in. You look down at your phone to check out the lineup. Oliver Heldens, Armin Van Burren, Klingade, Nervo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Don Diablo. Wow … You are home. It’s Friday, the night is young, you know that this is going to be the weekend of your life. [Sunrise Festival]

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Sunrise Festival Poland [Recap] –Rowdy Beats Exclusive



***Festival Website***

Here’s something we couldn’t wait to tell you guys about!! We got to go do media coverage for Sunrise Festival about a month ago. Our polish friend, Krzystof Walczak, at BOME Productions had this to say:

My dear fellow American friends. Let me tell you a story. Story about a place, or a land, rather. A land some 8, 000 miles away from your beloved Mid-West, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. A land with over one thousand years of history. Land of people with hearts bigger then all the wars that hunted their homes throughout the years. Land of beyond delicious home-made food composed of finest meats, breads and of course potatoes. Land of world’s best vodkas. Land of a man who became a Pope and most influential person of his time. Land of men who fought their country’s way out of every oppression and foreign rule, and of women that resemble angels, who has served as muses to the greatest of artists and musicians, such as Frederic Chopin. Yes, let me tell you a tale about Poland, and an event, which attracts people from all over Europe to the country’s finest sea shore beach.


Once a year, Polish sea shore city – Kołobrzeg, turns into home of the rising sun, flowers in wind-blown hair, unconditional love, sweat running down everyone’s moving in euphoria bodies and people without whom all of it would be dead silent – World’s Greatest DJs. My dear American friends, I have the pleasure to tell you all about the Sunrise Festival – a place where there is no scene and a DJ, it’s heaven and there is a God, who unites 20,000 people gathered by two out-of-this-world looking scenes. Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts, including me, had been awaiting for this moment to come ever since the last sound that came out of the speakers a year ago. Let me start from the beginning…

Day 1–Friday


Sunrise Music Festival in Poland. Hundreds of people still waiting in lines for the last tickets available for today (Saturday has been sold out for months now). Me – surrounded by the noisy, enthusiastic, really diversified and already little drunk crowd. I’m following increasingly louder base, which hits my ears as I am approaching the two scenes situated in the forest. Everything takes place some 1000 feet away from the Baltic Sea’s beautiful, wide, yellow-sanded beach. I am sweating from excitement and not being able to stop thinking about which scene to go visit and rage at first. I walk in. Even though I had my journalist pass swinging left and right on my neck, security is not giving me any slack and searches for anything suspicious, illegal or dangerous I might have. I feel safe. People around me feel safe too. I pass the gates. Shivers have risen my arm hair all the way from wrists to my shoulders. Everything seems to be sped up a notch. People run in circles, girls lean on each other, rushing from the “Parking” to the “Amphitheater” (names of the two scenes, because the crowd literally dances on either an enormous parking lot, or a funnel of historic amphitheater). Air smells like the perfect mixture of pine trees, sea breeze, grilled sausage with ketchup and bread, beer, theatrical smoke and of course sweat. I decide to go right…the amphitheater. I am following the crowd underneath the short tunnel leading to where the music comes from. It’s Don Diablo and his heavy dance beat with some house to it. I speed up. Suddenly, in front of my own two eyes, the wall made out of people keeps getting taller and taller as I enter the half-circle of the Kołobrzeg’s Amphitheater. The atmosphere is like I have never seen before. Everyone is standing up, but not on the floor, but on their seats. Girls with feathers in their hair, jacked shirtless bros waving the Polish flag and drinking beers while jumping up and down to the insanely good beat. Here comes the Drop! I find a spot for myself and … the party begins! Diablo delights us with some best remixes I have ever heard and it’s only beginning.  Next is Tujamo. I can’t possibly imagine, how can it get any better, but Mr. Matthias Richter (his real name) as he once said “love[s] the atmosphere in the amphitheater” knew how to make me fall off my spot dancing and some girls loose their voices screaming their lungs out.  It’s getting darker. When Oliver Heldens and his genius tracks like “Gecko”, “Koala”, or “ Can’t stop playing” make people faint, I decide to go and check out what’s happening on the parking scene. I already know that I missed Tom Swoon – a rising Polish DJ, Julian Jordan, and Sander Van Doorn – both great producers native to Netherlands and good Martin Garrix’s friends and collaborators. I am here just in time for the last minutes of Fedde Le Grand.  Parking is Rowdy. It’s a much bigger space and much more spread out crowd (but still packed). I can’t stop dancing …it’s only day one. It’s around 4 am, music slowly stops, the gates are closing, and most of us head towards the beach to rest. See you tomorrow Sunrise Festival.


Day 2 – Saturday

Today is supposed to be even crazier. No one seems to be tired, no one seams to be fully sober either. Let’s Get Rowdy. I decided to start at the Parking scene today.  I get there at around 9pm. Gate, Security, sausage and a cold one, all of it accompanied to the warm-up provided by Blinders – another fast-growing Polish DJ … I am ready. Just as a digression, since there were so many great acts, we weren’t able to see all of their sets. The place is not full yet, which is easy to notice thanks to how large the perimeter of empty space around me was. Last night I had maybe 5 inches on each side at the parking scene. Thomas Gold and Megamix are warming us up before the Australian twins. Yes! Nervo are next! I run quickly to see what’s happening in the mystical amphitheater. Turns out that Tchami is amusing even more electrolyzed crowd then last night there. I am back at the parking again. Nervo have always loved Sunrise Festival and for the past couple years learned some polish words to appreciate the great and thankfully jumping Polish crowd. Their music is as beautiful as they are themselves. Thank you Nervo!


Suddenly, something changes. The overall feel of the place and the atmosphere here got somehow different…mysterious, everything got less noisy and I can now hear people chatting around me. The Sunrise festival is Awaiting for something. Officials said that the storm is coming. It’s getting darker with every minute and mysterious music comes out of the speakers introducing someone special. Suddenly, Speakers fill the park with a raging beat. Steve Aoki jumps out from behind the DJ booth! “Boneless”, “No beef,” and his version of The Lion King’s “King of Africa”! Audience is in heaven and so am I! Although, I feel the need to be in the amphitheater for the closing part of the night. The wind starts blowing and single raindrops start hitting my shoulders and top of my head. Firebeatz just ended their truly godly performance. I am waiting for the two people or whom I might be flying to every single EDM Festival out there – Kryder & Tom Staar. R3HAB is already bringing people all the way to the stratosphere with his track “Samurai” for example. Kryder here, on the other hand, steps in front of the people-made wall, or a funnel as I described it before and starts beating his chest. Just like Jordan Belfort in the film “Wolf of Wall street“, he leads around 6 thousand people with “The hum” … it is a truly mystical, almost war-like experience. Drop! The arena shook. It’s starting to rain! I am not at the rave anymore. I am in heaven, and they are Gods.


4am, me and a small group of people (couple thousand) make our way to multiple after parties and to the beach, where the official Sunrise Festival after party takes place starting 10 am Sunday, and ends again at 4 am … in the amphitheater. And with that, the festival ends.

Thank you MDT Production for organizing such an amazing gathering of the best Electronic Dance Music and Inviting Rowdy Beats to document and pass onto the American People how Europe does it! Let’s get Rowdy next year!

Rowdy Beats Exclusive—written by Krzystof Walczak


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