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Last year, undoubtedly one of the strangest marketing campaigns for a music event in the midwest, had to have been “#WTFisSnowta?” And although it worked well last year, let’s hope they don’t do that again. This year, however, it seems that there’s not going to be much marketing needed. This festival is going to sell itself. Although Snowta had a fantastic inaugural lineup, with our good homies Big G and Infected Mushroom, plus Tipper and more–having Excision’s paradox tour and Pretty Lights headlining will cement it’s place in Minneapolis for years!

To give you a sense of just how rare a Pretty Lights tour date is, here’s a screenshot of his Tour Dates page from his website:

Yeah, that combined with the fact that Excision’s Paradox tour was wildly successful, and the Paradox stage setup is coming to Minneapolis again. Sprinkle in Ganja White Night, a little hip-hop courtesy of Post Malone, Gucci Mane, and Prof.

We got to talk to Zack Chazin, talent buyer for not only Snowta, but Zombie Pub Crawl (this weekend, you should definitely go), and 515 Alive Festival, and here’s what we found out:

One of the biggest things we wanted to improve on for Snowta 2018 was sound. We received a lot of feedback from 2017 that our Funktion rig was just not powerful enough to shake your bodies in the massive hall that we have our main stage in.

So, our good friends with Excision’s Paradox Production Team will be providing 150k+ WATTS OF PK SOUND + Lights and the Video Wall for BOTH days of Snowta on the Main Stage.

Additionally, Pretty Lights will be supplementing this MASSIVE production with his own lighting rig.

So for you bass freaks who want the sound to rattle your bones, we think you’ll get what you were asking for. Here’s the official Snowta Spotify playlist to get you stoked!


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Spring Awakening Music Festival 2014–Lineup Announced!!


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Ever since 2012, its first year as a two-day music festival, we knew Spring Awakening would be one of the biggest festivals in the US. Last year the three main headliners were Moby, Bassnectar, and Calvin Harris. And this year they are definitely not turning it up another notch! Another year with absolutely massive names coming to Chicago. Check out the lineup video below, and be sure to get your tickets, they’re not going to last for long! React Presents is bringing in the biggest EDM artists in the world to the heart of the USA. Are you ready?!

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Pretty Lights at Myth

Tomorrow night Derek Vincent Smith, better known as his stage name Pretty Lights, will be performing at Myth in St. Paul. Pretty Lights is one of the most innovative electronic artists on the planet and his music is full of emotion and power. However, this tour is unlike any other because Lights is touring with a FULL LIVE BAND, and that is sure to add an entire other dimension to his live experience. We had the chance to see Derek perform last year at SummerSet Music Festival and his set is truly awe-inspiring. All about the Lights!!

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Pretty Lights – A Color Map of the Sun

We’ve already given you a little info about Pretty Lights’ most recent work “A Color Map of the Sun”. But after listening through the album a few times we believed that it deserved some more rep. There is no doubt that this is one of the most prolific EDM albums of the entire year. The musical genius behind the album is in fact so magnificent that Derek requested the album not be labeled as “just” EDM.   The tremendous amount of effort, time and collaboration that were necessary to make this album a reality is astounding. Unlike his previous albums, Derek actually composed music for specific instruments and then coached and instructed a wide variety of musicians to attain and create the sound that he had envisioned.

It’s understandable that Derek preferred that his masterpiece not simply be categorized as “dance music”. But this actually brings up an interesting and enthralling point. It seems that electronic music as a genre, is developing before our very eyes and the idea that EDM is not a worthy form of music, art or expression is quickly disappearing.  It’s inspiring to see guys like Derek leading the way and breaking barriers for the electronic music community. Love it!

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Bob Marley “Exodus”–Debut (Pretty Lights Remix)


Pretty Lights just recently debuted his own remix of Bob Marley’s “Exodus” over in Baltimore at Pier 6. This isn’t first time we’ve seen an electronic remix of a Bob Marley song. Way back in August we posted Benny Benassi’s more upbeat rendition of “Jammin”, although the remix of “Exodus” is clearly more faster paced than Marley’s original, Pretty Lights preserves more of the laid back vibe which was Bob Marley’s signature style. Check out the full HD video here below. Great video, great audio, great remix.

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Pretty Lights “Around the Block”

New Pretty Lights coming at you right now!! “Around the block” is the Colorado native’s latest single and is part of his upcoming full length “A Color Map Of The Sun”. The single was a collaboration with rapper Talib Kweli and the song has a great vibe. If this song doesn’t get you pumped up for summer we don’t know what will!

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To A New Earth – Kill Paris

Corey Baker aka Kill Paris is the new sensation in Skrillex’s OWSLA. With tremendous support from Skrillex himself along with A-Trak, Dillon Francis, and Flux Pavilion, Kill Paris has his sights on producing gnarly music. You might remember him from his own “name your own price” album release on “The Beginning (2012)”. Now, OWSLA is taking him to a whole new level by revamping Kill Paris’ already dope bass, jazzy melodies and packing kicks. Corey is all over the US sharing the stage with big names like Pretty Lights, Zion I, Mimosa, AraabMuzik, Whiskey Pete, Figure, Mac Miller, Infected Mushroom, & Nicky Romero to name a few. Check out this swanky setlist that will keep you bobbing your head all day!

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“Bluestep” – The Age Of Reason

Many of you might know Gramatik from under the label of Pretty Lights, but now a transcendentalism movement has created Lowtemp – his own label that features his music along with his friends. With Lowtemp, Gramatik states that the label is putting out “cool music”, and when you listen to the song below you will know exactly what that means.  Gramatik presents his brand-new single: “Bluestep”. Talk about cool! This song features some tantalizing 50’s and 60’s blues rhythms along with the traditional and new era EDM beats. From his upcoming album “The Age of Reason”, this is the first track that features some dope dynamics Dubstep/EDM and Jazz. Enjoy!

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LEAKED–Pretty Lights “So Bright”

What do you do when a song is leaked from an upcoming album? You could whine about it and complain about people and technology. Or if you’re Pretty Lights, you could release it officially for free! Check out “So Bright”, a mysterious song with some scratchy old style vocals sprinkled with some rap. Amazing track!

Click Here to download.

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