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Keys N Krates Midnite Mass Tour — Minneapolis 2/5

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It’s shouldn’t surprise you to hear that we’re genuinely stoked to have  Keys N Krates coming to Skyway Theatre at the end of this week. They’re the exactly the type of artists we love to see–live music combined with gnarly, heavy hitting, electronic (arguably hip-hop/rap) beats. The Canadian trio brings the best of all worlds–comprising of DJ, Jr Flo (he’s a “REAL DJ”); pianist/keyboardist, Matisse; and drummer, Adam Tune–and is bringing their live electronic rap beats to MINNEAPOLIS this Friday 2/5/16. . Their self-described “weird rap beats for the weird kids” are gonna have people going nuts. Known for bangers such as “Are We Faded” and “Dum Dee Dum,” Keys N Krates has taken the world by storm, amassing over 80 MILLION VIEWS on their videos on the Trap City Youtube Channel alone.

Just freshly announced that they’ll be performing at EF this year, get your chance to see them locally while you can! And if you don’t think their live show can’t possibly be as dope as their music, just check out the video below showcasing the work put into it, and see why you’d be wrong. TC Presents is warning that tickets are flying, so don’t say we didn’t warn you! This will also be your chance to see Stooki Sond, Jessie Slayter, and our very own local duo, Wyld Lyfe.

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Loud Your Kids Volume 6: DJ SLiiNK


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We’ve told you a few times about a fun new weekly party we’re  supporting at Marquee Nightclub in Minneapolis every Tuesday. But if you’ve just brushed it off before, you’re not going to want to do that again. DJ Sliink is bringing some Jersey dance to the Minneapolis!! The 22 year old is known for his signature Blend Of Jersey/Philly/Baltimore Club, Incorporating Aggressive Uptempo Rhythms With Soothing Pop and R&B Samples; giving him extensive appeal in the underground world. So what better place to host him than Marquee? Come join us for the party tomorrow! Resident DJ Palladium will be there of course, along with the duo Wyld Lyf, as well as E-Vibe. Here’s a mix to get you pumped:

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